Transgender Therapy Works
Services & Rates
All sessions, regardless of method of communication, are $150 per hour. Payments are made prior to confirmation of your appointment..

Payment Options
My preferred method of payment is to receive payment from PayPal. I also take credit cards via the telephone.
Service Overview
I offer in person, telephone and skpye therapy sessions. I offer individual, couple, family and group therapy sessions as well. Most of my sessions are scheduled from 10 AM to 5 PM PST with a limited number of evening and Sunday hours available.

Group sessions are available based on enrollment and are typically offered during a weekday evening or Sunday.
Letters of Recommendation
Letters of Recommendations will be provided in accordance with the standards of care documented on the web site.

Letters related to hormone therapy and sex reassignment surgery will be considered following the completion of twelve sessions,  the minimum number of recommended sessions for hormone therapy.

The minimum number of sessions required to be completed prior to the issuance of a Letter of Recommendation for a sexual reassignment surgery is 50 sessions over the course of a year.